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In the modern economy, the key to staying ahead is efficient and effective communications, both within the company, and externally, with your clients and your partners.

The latest communication platforms from NEC and Panasonic provides precisely this edge that you need to succeed, ranging from SME products to state-of-the-art Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions.


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NEC SL1000 Communications System

Smart communication for small businesses.

Powerful communications for a small business budget. This unique platform is the ideal solution for any small business. It makes your team more reachable, more responsive and more productive.


The SL1100 offers a wide-range of intuitive features that can be tailored to an individual’s role. This customization enables your employees to be more efficient and productive, no matter their location.

NEC UNIVERGE SV8000 Series Communication Servers

UNIVERGE goes beyond communications.

UNIVERGE is NEC's IP architecture that unifies multimedia networks. It integrates voice and data networks, while creating the optimal mobile environment with systems designed for specific businesses and industries.


Designed to deliver next-generation, open standards-based solutions, it is your bridge to the future and protects your existing telephone infrastructure investment while providing a migration path to pure IP. With the SV8000 series, all types of communication methods are supported, whether TDM, IP, video, wired or wireless.

Panasonic KX-NS Series Smart Hybrid PBX

Smart Hybrid PBX brings Unified Communications.for the SMB Market

The Panasonic KX-NS300 and KX-NS700 Smart Hybrid PBXes are cost effective legacy and IP communication systems for small and medium sized companies that can be flexibly configured and expanded according to the your needs.

KX-NS PBX is also a unified communication system which has rich IP features such as mobile linking, integrated voice mail and e-mail, instant messaging (chat), and presence information.



Panasonic KX-TDA Series Hybrid IP-PBX

A comprehensive solution tailored to meet your communication needs.

The Panasonic IP-Enabled KX-TDA series business telephony solution combines advantages of traditional telecommunications together with the convergence of IP technology, offering advanced features and functional flexibility to handle all your business communication needs.


These models can be easily upgraded to high-end KX-TDE series models, scaling with your increased commuication needs as your business grows.



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